15 March 2013

X1M - portable chinese HF transceiver

The Xiegu X1M is a recent attempt at HF portable QRP transceivers straight out of China, and it looks like they are on the right way: small and lightweight - check, simple and robust design - check, low power consumption - check, CW and SSB modulation - check, full HF coverage - check. Yes, it is not the prettiest girl in school ... but who cares when it is the cheapest ? No really, it costs about US$260 as a kit or US$300 assembled, half of what an Yaesu FT-817ND does.

Here's the list of characteristics:

- continuous RX and TX: 0.1 ~ 30 MHz
- SSB / CW Output Power: 4-5 W;
- operating voltage: min. 9.6V (DC), max. 14.5V (DC);
- operating current: 0.35A (min), 1.2 A (max);
- switchable RX preamplifier
- 100 memory channels;
- CW RX/TX delay adjustment
- electronic bug key
- switchable backlight
- weight 500g (the FT-817ND is 1.2Kg)
- size: 97x40x155mm (the FT-817ND is 135x38x165mm)

The X1M is all made in SMD technology with 0603 parts; the RX preamplifier uses a very low-noise (NF:1.2dB) CATV 2SC3357 transistor, the IF is at 9MHz with a 6-pole crystal filter 2.2KHz wide, the mixer uses high-speed HSB88W Schottky diodes, the IF amplifier has a MC1350 stage with controllable gain (for AGC purposes), the audio amplifier is an LM386 (just 4mA of standby current) and the local oscillator is made around an Analog Devices AD9851 DDS.

And, to show that it's not a toy but a really nice tool at a very good price, it has an interface that allows it to be connected to the PC and operated via Ham Radio Deluxe or any other similar software, being compatible with the Icom command set (ideally, the IC-718).

Unfortunately the only video of it working doesn't say too much:

 Anyway, I'm almost sold, I think I need to get one.


  1. Thanks for posting the specs and videos. Very interesting. With hands/fingers on the rig, a realistic image of it's size becomes evident. Bit smaller than I thought but still ok.

  2. Ideed, it is smaller than the FT-817 and half the weight (true, no internal batteries). We need a serious review on this thing.

    1. See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/x1m/

  3. But note, the TX and RX are both continuous from 0.1 - 30MHz which means that it will also be ideal for 5MHz users. The concern comes with possible pirate stations and out of band ops.

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  5. OK, apreciez verticalitatea si multumesc pentru comentariu. Toate cele bune !

  6. http://www.cqxiegu.com/


    X1M [v2.01] Introduction

    The whole paragraph x1m portable shortwave dual-mode (ssb / cw) transceiver accept reservations. The machine conditions are as follows:
    Transceiver Frequency range: 0.1 ~ 30mhz transceiver, 3.5 ~ 29.6Mhz the amateur bands assurance indicators optimal;
    Operating modes: ssb / cw (amplitude reported)
    Power output: 5w (max);
    Operating voltage: minimum 9.6v (dc), the highest 14.5v (dc);
    Operating current: 0.35a (min), 1.2a (max);
    With preamplifier;
    100 channel storage;
    rit function;
    Different frequency transceiver functions
    With automatic cw key, hand / switch;
    Backlight to turn off the keyboard can be locked;
    Dimensions: 97 * 40 * 155 (mm)

  7. The correct URL for the transceiver's Yahoo! group is - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/X1M_QRP-Transceiver/. I have one waiting for collection in the post office, should be another 12 hours or so before I get my hands on mine and post a video and bunch of photos.

    Indrajit VK2IJC

  8. Thanks alot, please let us know, everybody is curious about it.

  9. Where to buy this rig ???

  10. This Co.: http://www.wouxun.us/item.php?item_id=302&category_id=65 is advertising it for $299 in US and that they're the authorized importers/distributors of this tcvr.

  11. here is another X1-M from a Chinese site:


    You will also see link to another rig X1-N (pretty exciting rig).


  12. testing newer version of X1-M:





  13. X1-M production model (???):



  14. Very good Tracnsceiver .all use x1m in 40m. Malaysia National Field Day http://9w2edu.blogspot.com/2012/12/9w2edu-national-field-day-2012-stesen.html

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  16. Where does the microphone connect to?

  17. There is a stereo jack on the front panel, marked "PTT".

  18. Hi Razvan, any "New" updates on this rig as I'm very interested in it? Thanks, Phil ZF1PB

  19. Hi Phil, there is a newer version called the X1M Pro, that has fixed the early problems and has a more modern display. It's quite good for the price, especially if you do the aftermarket AGC mod. Xiegu has also launched a new model called X108, which has 20W ouput and more features, but there are some reliability issues probably in the early batches. Cheers, Razvan.