29 July 2014

SOTA activation YO/EC-049

After a busy month, I'm back again to hiking and outdoor radio activities. This time, I went for the Ciucas peak, near the Ciucas cabin in the Ciucas mountains; I know, the naming scheme is not too original but hey, the sights are awesome. This peak - SOTA designation YO/EC-049, is located about 110Km north of Bucharest and about 30Km away from Brasov, just a few kilometers away from the YO/EC-057 Gropsoarele peak wich I've activated about 3 months ago.

After leaving the DN1A main road at the "Keia" water bottling plant, there is a 5km forest road up to the Ciucas cabin; unfortunately, only 4x4 vehicles can tackle the steep slippery slopes on the last part of the road, so I had to leave my car parked about half way  - at 1350m altitude, and proceed by foot. On this road you can find the "Professor NICOLAE IOAN fountain", or simply called "Izvorul lui IOAN" (Jonah's spring), a 75 year old fountain that refreshed many generations of mountain hikers. I wish I had a bigger bottle when I passed it !