26 May 2015

SOTA activation: YO/EC-090 Malaia and YO/EC-093 Siriu

Oh boy, long time I didn't post anything on the blog. There have been some subjects I would've loved to write about, there is another SOTA activation report I need to get out there as well, but the work volume lately was terrible so no more blogging/ham radio/twitter. Nevertheless, this story needs to get out there fast and while it's still fresh, because it was really good.

YO/EC-090 Malaia Peak (1662m, 8 points) and YO/EC-093 Siriu Peak (1657m, 8 points) are two nearby peaks in the Siriu massif, located about halfway between the cities of Brasov and Buzau. Almost between the two peaks there is a periglacial lake called "Eagles' Lake" or "The Bottomless Lake", wich makes for a touristic attraction point in itself.

Eagles Lake seen from Malaia peak
The two names for the lake have their own associated legends; it's called "Eagles' Lake" because in the spring the eagles come down to the lake to drink it's water and get younger, also bringing their cubs by the lake to teach them how to fly. What I can tell you is that i've seen countless eagles circling the air above the lake, probably attracted by the (small) fish, snakes or frogs.

The legend associated with the "Bottomless Lake" name is even more interesting - a shepherd tired by his life decided to give it up and seek a better future for himself, throwing his crook into the lake and leaving the sheep and the places behind. One year later, while travelling the country, he saw his unmistakable hand-carved crook floating on the Danube river, instantly getting homesick and returning to his sheep.

Florin YO9IPF proposed this trip almost 4 weeks before on the SOTA ROMANIA Facebook group and it was because of me that it got delayed so much - all my weekends were full up until May 23rd. It proved to be a great choice in the end, Csaba YO6PIB had the weekend available as well (and he took a few friends with him) and Florin managed to pick up a few more local hams - veteran operators but not too familiar with the SOTA program yet: YO9GSB - Dan and YO9RAO - Mihai.