28 March 2016

3 years later

I started this blog 3 years ago, a few months after I got my first amateur radio license and about the same time I got my @YO9IRF Twitter account. Looking back, I was less active thant I wanted (about one post every two weeks, on average) so I hope to improve that in the future.

I posted stuff that I'd like to remember years later (like the YO SOTA Marathon or many other SOTA activations), interesting stuff that I wanted to keep my eyes on (like the Xiegu X1M cheap QRP transceiver), I posted a few opinions of my own (such as an overview of portable HF radios) and even did some product reviews (HF-P1 portable antenna or the Icom IC-7300). The IC-7300 article was so popular that, even if it was the only article I posted in a month, it made March 2016 the best traffic month yet.

Blog traffic, from the beginning

A few months ago I moved from Bucharest to London and I also applied for full UK license, so my second callsign is M0HZH. As the initial blog address yo9irf.blogspot.com is less repressentative now and I also want to step the things up a bit with the blog , I moved to a domain that better suits my interests:

I will still post about the same things, maybe more frequently from now on. I am very grateful to each and every one of the readers I've had in these 3 years - every visit or comment made me want to keep this going even if I didn't have the time for it. Thanks !

Besides the @YO9IRF Twitter account, I can be reached also on:

YO9IRF's #hamradio daily (Paper.li)

Don't be a stranger, say hello.


  1. I found your blog while doing research on buying the Icom 7300, very well written and so far I'm enjoying your other articles as well.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Erik, hope to catch you on the air one day as well !