21 April 2016

ESDR - new portable SDR HF transceiver

ESDR is a portable SDR transceiver with HF coverage that is supposed to be released in August. The ESDR features a large color display, digimode decoder/keyer, 2x USB ports and micro-SD card. The required supply voltage is 12.6V and the maximum output power is 30W.

Romania (YO) gets 60m access

Following the conclusions of the World Radiocommunications Conference 2015 regarding the 5MHz band, supported by two local Romanian amateur organisations, the Romanian authority for communications (ANCOM) is granting temporary access for radio amateurs to a channel in the 5MHz band (60 meters).

18 April 2016

Icom IC-7300 and spectrum / waterfall on the PC

Icom IC-7300 is a great feature radio, but the main complaint about it is there's no I/Q output (or at least video output like in the IC-7000) so you can see the spectrum/waterfall display on a larger screen.

Icom IC-7300 waterfall

01 April 2016

Yaesu FT-891 - new HF/50MHz transceiver ?

Yaesu FT-891 is the latest equipment the japanese manufacturer is working on. Although the details are extremely limited, it seems we are talking about a HF/50MHz mobile radio similar with the FT-857 in size.

Update: Yaesu shows the FT-891 at Dayton 2016, seee the following link for more details: Yaesu FT-891 update